Adult Sunday School of Discipleship
We currently have a study for Adults during the 9-10am Sunday Discipleship hour in the Upper Room (South-west stairs in the gym).  Join the conversation of the intersection of Life and Leadership facilitated by Denny Morrow and Tim Eaton.  We also have several spaces available for small groups to meet, a library for solitude and quiet, and the gym for gathering for a good conversation.  Occasionally, we have someone lead a several week course of interest.  If you are interested in organizing or facilitating a particular focused study or conversation during this hour, contact David Landt:
Women’s Bible Study
Info for women’s events, retreats, and or studies for the 2016-2017 year are pending.
Men’s Bible Study
Men’s Bible study is switching to Thursday morning from 7-8am on September 8th.  This study is open for anyone who wants to drop in for a week or make it the thing you do every Thursday.  We are currently studying the book of Matthew.
Men’s Groups
~There is pick up Basketball every Tuesday evening in the gym
~We have a guys broomball team that plays in the Hopkins Rec. league each January-February.  Contact Andy Kocemba for details.
~Interested in Winter Camping or Fat tire Biking contact Dan McCarthy
Small Groups
We encourage everyone to be connected with some kind of smaller community within the Mills Church.  There are various small groups that meet in homes.  We typically encourage getting connected to a small group in the fall of each year.  Groups are organic in their organization and purpose.