The Mills Church Mission Partners

We are committed to investing and partnering with people and ministries all over the world.  We believe that every follower of Jesus is a full time minister and believe that God works primarily in community.  Therefore, our first priority is empowering our own members for service both here and around the world.   We begin in our own neighborhood and keep going.  We believe that God loves the whole world and he loves to work through people to spread his love to everyone everywhere. 

The Mills Church is about partnering with God in what he is doing in our neighborhood and around the world.  We are looking to join God in the healing of the nations and believe that God loves to find people to work in and through.

We are intentional about nurturing holistic ministry partnerships and people who:

  1. Plant new faith communities and cultivate bridging partnerships around the world
  2. Develop indigenous leaders and support indigenous organizations
  3. Foster whole person ministry (body, soul and spirit)
  4. Advocate for God’s economic and social justice (addressing systemic causes as well as compassionately treating symptoms of poverty and injustice)

Meet Our Partners joining God in the healing of the World.

D.I.V.I.N.E Institute is a rigorous and fun summer learning program mentoring students in the urban context of St. Paul Minnesota.  Learn more at
We also partner with DIVINE Intervention which is a girls home for homeless teens in St. Paul, MN.
Tabitha Kyambadde serves Uganda with Pathways to Hope.  Tabitha is a Mills Church member passionate about Leadership and Discipleship training in Uganda, Africa. Learn more online at and Facebook
Sendiian Foundation serves street kids in Kampala Uganda by facilitating wholistic support in education, health, nutrition sports teams and spiritual formation.  Led by Mills Church member and Ugandan Native, Ian Sendi.
Brian and Beth Meaden serve with Reign Ministries.  They direct the Kairos School of Discipleship in Seattle Washington.  Learn more at
Devon and Neriah Harris serve on staff with Reign Ministries.  They work with the Kairos School of Discipleship here in the Twin Cities.  Learn more at
ICA Foodshelf.  We are a member congregation of our very active and fabulous local foodshelf and housing assistance organization.  Learn more at
Resource West exists to assist people and strengthen community through collaborative programs and connections to resources.  We partner with Resource West to support our neighbors in need with the resources available in our community to promote flourishing households.  Learn more at

Sojourner Women’s Shelter is a local home, counseling and support center for battered and abused women.

Hope Station is an orphan care program working alongside the orphanage in southern China.  Hope Station is directed by Rebekah Wilder.  Check out

Questscope is a wonderful organization we support that does refugee ministry, youth mentoring and education in Syria, Jordan and around the globe.  Learn more at
World Relief is our go to organization for issues of global poverty, hunger and justice ministries.  Learn more at
Arrive Ministries is our partner organization for Refugee ministries here locally in Minnesota.  Learn more at
We also have relationships with IJM (International Justice Mission) and Freedom Firm for issues of Human Trafficking. Learn more at and