Scripture Circles
Scripture circles are facilitated by 40 Orchards.  It is a 2 hour midrash style learning community centered around the sacred text.
Women’s Groups
Various Small groups for women take place during the week.  Check calendar for upcoming events or retreats.
Men’s Bible Study
Men’s Bible study every Thursday morning from 7-8am.  This study is open for anyone who wants to drop in for a week or make it the thing you do every Thursday.  We are currently studying the book of Acts.  Enter through the back gym entrance and go downstairs to the prayer room.
Men’s Groups
~There is pick up Basketball every Tuesday evening in the gym at 7pm.
~Interested in Winter Camping or Fat tire Biking contact Dan McCarthy
Small Groups
We encourage everyone to be connected with some kind of smaller community within the Mills Church.  There are various small groups that meet in homes.  We typically encourage getting connected to a small group in the fall of each year.  Groups are organic in their organization and purpose.