The History of the Mills Church

The Mills Church began as ministry for children in the Minnetonka Mills neighborhood in 1898.  The Sunday School grew into a congregation and was named Minnetonka Union Church.  It was a pioneering church that united people across denominations to study the word of God and reach out and serve others.  The church was in the center of the agricultural community and welcomed people in their overalls to come and study the Bible.  

The church changed its name to Minnetonka Community Church in 1956.  Minnetonka was a quickly developing suburb and the church became known for its love for studying the Bible, warm community, and commitment to global missions.  The first 100 years of our church has been captured in a history book written by multiple members of the congregation.  This history, edited by Anna Gardner and called “The Mills Church”, is available in our library. 

In response to God’s fresh renewing work in our community and our conviction that our future is connected to our history, we adopted 

The Mills Church name in September 2009.  (Click the link to read the story the Sun Sailor wrote regarding our history and new name “Minnetonka Church Moves into the Future by Looking at the Past”

We are celebrating well over a century of ministry in the Minnetonka Mills neighborhood and are excited about our future as a community committed to be students of Jesus Christ.  

Our congregation is a fellowship of young and old.  We have people who have been participating in this local church for decades and those who are brand new.  We are a community of rookies and veterans when it comes to following Jesus.  We have members who have come from numerous church denominations whether they be catholic, lutheran, baptist, methodist, mennonite, presbyterian, pentecostal, no church af?liation, no religious af?liation, and other faith traditions all together.  We don?t divide ourselves into democrats, republicans, and independents.   We don?t divide ourselves into rich and poor.  We don?t divide ourselves by ethnicity or being male and female.  Rather, we unite around Jesus. We are a community of people who are dedicated to learning from and following Jesus.  Jesus is who brings and keeps us together.  

Jesus is the welcoming presence of God we hope to extend to you. 
May his grace and peace be yours, 
David Landt 
Lead Pastor