The Way of Jesus

The Mills Church is a body of people belonging to a gracious God and intent on becoming like Jesus.  We believe that God’s mission is to restore all things through Jesus and that He invites people to partner with him in this cause. 

Partnering with God involves coming into a profound relationship.  This relational partnership is made possible through Jesus.  We come to God through Jesus and we live out our calling by following Jesus.  Jesus’ first disciples were known as followers of “the way” (Acts 9:2).  They were apprentices of Jesus’ way of life.  We make it our sole intention to be formed to our core into a community that lives and learns how to be Jesus here and now.

We have described the way of Jesus through six dynamic ways of being in partnership with God in this world:  The way of worship, the way of love, the way of community, the way of discipleship, the way of service, and the way of generosity (Acts 2:42-47).  This way of living provides a witness to the world of God’s mission and character, and it is how we partner with God in His restoration of all things.