We are a Local Church

We are a local church. The word church however comes from the Greek word Ekklesia which is not a religious word but a common word. It was a public assembly, a society, or commonwealth. So the ekklesia takes on different meanings depending on the nature of that group. Its meaning is fluid, not fixed. So to say, “I know what church is because I have gone to one, or because I know someone who does” can be a place to begin, but is not the end. Some people have really positive associations when they hear the word “church”, others have really negative associations when they hear the word because our association is linked to our experiences.  So a good question is…what or with whom do you associate church?

The first people to follow Jesus were not called a church or even Christians. They would not be able to check a box that said their religion was Christianity. They were called followers of “The Way” (Acts 9). This new group was associated with the way Jesus lived. His life and ministry became their life and ministry. It was not a religion. It was a way of living.

As this movement grew they were called Christians, which meant “like Christ”. These groups of people were ekklesia?s associated with Jesus. Our desire and intention is to be a community associated with Jesus. We are a Jesus community. We are an ekklesia located in the Minnetonka Mills neighborhood which is learning and training how to follow Jesus. We aim to associate our church with Jesus. And we desire to be associated with Jesus.